You find neutral tones in homes across the country. White, gray, and taupe are all colors that homeowners with minimal design experience can work with. However, neutrals can be a bit boring. Modern homeowners often yearn to add more color to the interiors of their homes.

Committing to a bright and bold color can be intimidating, but infusing your home with color can be a great way to give your living space a fresh perspective. If you dream about decorating your home with color but you are too intimidated to try, use these tips to help you incorporate bold and beautiful hues into your home’s interior.

1. Start Small

The thought of covering a large area with bold color can be frightening. Test the waters of decorating with color by using a quality interior paint in a small space within your home.

Foyers and guest bathrooms are great places to begin adding color into your living space. Color can help differentiate these small spaces from the rest of your home and provide a simple pop of bold color to enhance your decor.

Commit to a bold color in a small space, because you can always cover the bold tone with a neutral if you decide that color is not right for your home. If you end up liking the way your bold color looks, you can start incorporating new paint into larger living areas within your home.

2. Accent Architectural Features

Another simple way to start incorporating color into your home is to use a bold paint hue to accentuate architectural features. You can maintain neutral walls while using a bold color to help decorative trim, impressive beams, and columns stand out.

You can also apply paint to the ceiling to transform the look and feel of your space. A bold color on the ceiling provides an unexpected pop of creativity that will breathe new life into your room.

Use your bold paint color to accent architectural features if you are hesitant to cover an entire wall with a new hue.

3. Use a Matte Finish

Once you have selected a bold color to add to an accent wall within your home, ensure that you use an interior paint with a matte finish.

A glossy finish will reflect any natural light flowing into your room. The combination of the bold color with the reflective properties of a glossy finish can be overwhelming and cheapen the look of your interior space.

A matte finish will absorb light filtering into your room, allowing your bold paint color to serve as the primary focus within your living space.

4. Fix Your Front Door

A simple and effective way to incorporate color into your home is to apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Your front door is a relatively small component in the design of your home, but painting the door a bold color can help your residence feel more modern and welcoming.

Select an acrylic paint for the exterior surface of your front door. Acrylic paints are flexible, so they will not crack or flake because of temperature fluctuations over time. Most acrylic paint products also contain mildewcides to help provide protection against damage.

Select an enamel paint in the same bright and bold color for the interior surface of your front door to achieve the look you desire.

Bold color can create striking contrast within your home. Contact the professionals at Rick’s Painting and Pressure Cleaning for help using bold color to transform your home’s interior. We can answer all your questions and give you expert recommendations for your home’s specific paint needs.