Painting Services

Residential Painting Services

The right paint color on your living room walls or window shutters can make your house feel like a home. At Rick’s Painting and Pressure Cleaning, we want to help you personalize your home and get the wall and exterior color you love.

Interior Painting Services

Are you tired of the white walls in your home? Are you sick of looking at the rusty orange wall left by the previous owners? With our interior painting service, you can choose a color that matches your personality. Our painters will come in and transform your living space to give you the bright, beautiful home of your dreams.

When we paint your home, we make sure to apply smooth, even coats of paint for a clean effect. While we work, we take extra care to keep the area clean so you don’t have to worry about paint dripping or spilling on your floors or furniture.

Do you need a painting service for your home, hotel or business? Contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

Garage Floor Painting

Garage floors are often the last thing we think about painting or cleaning. We simply think of them as the place where we store cars, bikes and more. However, painting the garage floor can improve the value of your home, conceal cracks, cover and prevent stains and provide more grip than the typical concrete floor. Our garage floor painting service includes finishes to make your garage floor usable and good-looking.

Commercial Painting

Having an attractive color on your business’s walls can have a profound effect on how much your customers like your shop. Similarly, they can help people feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in office buildings, hospitals, hotels and more.

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

We can help add your brand colors to your business or do whatever painting you need, exterior or interior, to help your business stand out and be more welcoming to both employees and customers. We are experienced in painting hotel rooms, industrial projects, gyms and more. You can trust us to do your painting with the best quality while staying within your budget.

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