Privacy Fence Repair & Maintenance

Privacy Fence Repair & Maintenance

Proper fence repair and maintenance can help prevent the wood from warping and cracking. In addition, it can extend the life and durability of your privacy fence. Our service can add both protection and beauty to your yard.

Cleaning Your Fence

Once you’ve taken care of your fence repair and maintenance it’s time to clean it. Because, over time your privacy fence may become discolored; it may even turn gray. Most often, this discoloration comes from dirt, algae, mold and lichens that have built up in the wood.

Professional pressure washing can remove that grime and aging you see on your fences. Our technicians will be able to remove that dirt, algae and other buildup from your fence. Consequently your fence is restored to its original color. Our staff is experienced with privacy fence cleaning and will use the appropriate pressure setting to effectively clean your fence without causing damage.

Sealing and Protecting The Fence

Regularly staining and sealing your wooden privacy fence is also an important part of fence maintenance.  Once you complete the fence repair you can then protect it from the weather, future buildup and damage. This is essential after having your fence repaired and then pressure cleaned.

Our professionals will work with you to choose the best stain or seal for your fence. We’ll apply the stain evenly to ensure that your fence will look great and be protected from the elements.

Replacements and Repairs

After a time, your fence will experience normal wear and tear. Consequently, you may need fence repairs around the fence posts or boards. Our staff is always available to repair broken fence posts and boards and replace any boards that have suffered from irreparable damage or deterioration.

The Best Choice for Fence Repair and Maintenance

We know that privacy is important for you. That’s why we are dedicated to providing quality privacy fence maintenance, cleaning and repairs. If you notice discoloration or are in need of staining services for your fence, make the choice to contact your trusted professionals at Rick’s Painting and Pressure Cleaning for a free estimate.

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