A few gallons of paint can provide you with an affordable way to completely change the look of your home. However, selecting a new paint for your interior walls can be challenging. Most homeowners fail to take into consideration that paint selection requires more than just studying color swatches and creating a cohesive scheme.

Interior paints are complex and multi-faceted products. The sheen, or finish, of the interior paint you select could have a dramatic impact on color and aesthetic.

Learn more about paint sheen to ensure you select an interior paint that will give you the right look in your updated living space.

Flat and Matte Sheens as a Paint Selection

You have probably come across cans of paint that are labeled as flat paint. This terminology has nothing to do with the texture of the paint once it has been applied; it refers to the sheen of the dried paint. The flatter a paint is, the less shine it will have once it has been applied to a surface in your home.

A flat paint can easily camouflage minor flaws, but these dull paints do not stand up well to cleaning. You should limit flat paint to ceilings and other interior surfaces that see very little human contact.

A matte paint has slightly more sheen than a flat paint, but you will still encounter the same cleaning limitations when a matte paint rubs off under intense scrubbing.

Eggshell and Satin Sheens

The most popular types of sheen for interior paint products are eggshell and satin. A glossy surface can reflect light in a way that isn’t conducive to comfortable living, but eggshell paints have just a slight sheen so that they won’t overwhelm your living area. These paints are perfect for busy spaces that require regular cleaning.

You can utilize an eggshell sheen in your living room and kitchen to maximize both aesthetic value and durability. Paints with a satin sheen are versatile as well.

If you are planning to paint multiple rooms the same color, then the application of a satin paint is your best option. This finish offers slightly more gloss, which complements formal living spaces, but still retains the comforting and easy-to-clean characteristics of a paint product with an eggshell finish.

Two Important Paint Selections… Which Sheen?

Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss Sheens

Interior paints that have a glossy sheen are best at resisting wear and are easy to clean. Unfortunately, a glossy paint sheen will highlight every dimple, divot, and imperfection in the finish of your interior walls. You will need to ensure that you painstakingly prepare each surface prior to painting to create a smooth base for paints with a glossy sheen.

You can utilize glossy paints to help create drama in any room by using these paint products on trims, doors, and architectural features that might be present within a room. A small amount of glossy paint paired with an eggshell or satin sheen can create depth and dimension that will elevate your interior design.

Glossy paints are easy to wipe down, which makes them a great option for elements within your home that are used regularly or exposed to a lot of dirt and debris, like kitchen cabinets or baseboards.

The proper paint selection can breathe new life into your living space and help update a room that feels tired and worn. You must consider more than just color when selecting new paint for your home. Sheen is a critical paint characteristics that can impact the way your interior paint looks and ages over time.

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